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Why You Need Professionally Produced Survival Food and Survival Resources

Why You Need Professionally Produced Survival Food

I must confess, when I first discussed investing in survival food with my partner, I got a ton of push back. At first she thought I was crazy for wanting to invest money into something like that, “that we will never need anyway.” Then, without knowing anything at all about survival food, she started coming up with all of these personal solutions.

First she said she could just buy more groceries and have extras on hand. It doesn’t take much thought to really figure out that is not a practical, viable or easy solution. You would need to add a room on to the home to be able to have enough space for all that you need with the traditional packaging of regular food. Keeping up with expiration dates and trying to have enough to last for many months just seemed like a very impractical solution.

The biggest problem with that is it is something that you “think” you will do, you “plan” to do it, but you never actually get around to it because it is too much effort.

Her next solution was MREs. These are military meals called Meals Ready to Eat. She had a military friend who had tons of them. Well, at best most of them only last for 5 years and depending on where you get them, many of them could have much shorter expiration dates. Plus, if you have ever eaten a MRE you know they don’t taste that great.

When I finally sat down and showed her what professionally produced survival food was all about, she began to come around. In my opinion, the biggest benefit to professional survival food is that it is super easy to order, get it delivered, and check it off of your list as DONE. That’s it. You order it. You get it. And then you have it and you can sleep so much better knowing that if something bad happened, you and your family could survive with plenty of good tasting, nutritious food.

Most of the professionally produced survival food has a true shelf life of up to 25 years. I love that “get it and forget it” aspect. Plus they come in easy to stack plastic containers. That means they take up a lot less space and you can easily slide them under beds or stack them up high, depending on the space you have.

These food are very compact and you will be shocked with how little space they take up. Each meal comes in a sealed foil bag that is both water proof and air proof. They could go through a lot and still be perfect to each. To prepare them you simply add boiling water and let them simmer. That’s it. Easy peasey. So in my opinion, if these is an easy solution to a need, that is simple and quick to accomplish, then I highly suggest you check out getting a supply of survival food for yourself. 

In fact, do it today. While you’re thinking about it. Don’t put it off and forget about it. This could be the time that you need it and waiting could put you in jeopardy. Think about all of the stupid stuff you spend money on. Things that don’t last and things that add little lasting value. Get this done, check it off your list and then get back to living your life.

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So whether you are into survivalism, if you are a survivalist, wanting to start your own survival warehouse, concerned about a food shortage, wanting just the survival essentials or a newbie who is just getting started, you’re in the right place where all of the items you need, are all together in one place.