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Why Do Normal People Need Survival Food and Survival Resources

Why Normal People Need Survival Food and Survival Resources

We’ve all seen the crazy dooms-day preppers on TV, right? These people have gone completely off the gird and are prepared to the max for World War 3. They’ve got guns, ammo, survival water, survival food, and every type of weapon imaginable.

It seems these people have quit their jobs and are just hunkered down in their make shift shelters deep in the woods waiting for that inevitable day. They are just waiting and waiting and waiting.

Because they take such extreme measures and because nothing has happened “yet,” most average people just assume the whole survival thing is a bunch of BS for crazy people. Because of that, these “normal” people proudly proclaim that they would never be like those crazies and do any of that preparedness stuff. They get lulled into believing that it is all a bunch of crazy talk and silly actions that are of no need.

Sadly nothing could be further from the truth. I have at least a half of dozen friends who have a ton of money. You could say they are wealthy. They did not get so much money by being stupid and making poor decisions. Every single one of these people has more survival food and survival resources than you could imagine.

They difference is they have not withdrawn from day to day life. They live very normal lives and if you did not know them well you would never have a clue they were so into survival food items and materials. These people also own insurance policies to protect them and their families from unexpected occurrences. They hope these problems never happen and they hope they never need to make any claims on their insurance policies, but they have them in case the worst happens.

The same is true for survival materials. We all hope nothing bad will ever happen, but we want to be prepared if it does. If nothing else, you need survival food for natural disasters. Here is a quick story to demonstrate just how quickly things can change.

I was in the dead center of hurricane Hugo many years ago. We had a beautiful home in a country club, on the golf course. Life was very normal and we basically lacked for nothing. Things were as normal as could be, right up until the time the monster storm hit. I had 33 trees down in my yard and many on my house. Our power was out for a month. The first few days we ate like kings. Our freezer was packed with steaks, fish, lobster, crab, etc. We cooked everything on the grill and it was great. Right up until the time we ran out of all the good food.

Shortly after that, we ran out of propane and charcoal. We were then reduced to eating cold canned goods. It was not fun. All of the stores were out of everything and most of them could not even reopen for many weeks or more. In the matter for less than a week, I went from a normal guy with a normal life, to an unshaven, poorly washed guy standing in a never ending line for fresh water and gas for my chain saw.  I felt like a third word refugee. If you have never experienced anything like that, I can tell you it is a sobering feeling. 

As for a survival food and survival materials I had nothing. I had never thought about it before and wasn’t the least bit prepared. It got to the point where I had to drive three hours to be able to get some food for bring back to my family. When I think about how much easier it would have been it I just had some basic survival food and supplies.

So no one knows what lies ahead for any of us in the crazy times. The one thing we do know is that these times are crazier than they have ever been. Will the US dollar crash? Will our country go broke from our overwhelming debt burden? Will riots break out and disrupt our lives? Will terrorist strike us again and turn our world upside down again?

Smart people prepare for the unknown. If you would like to discover the core survival items every American should have on hand to protect themselves, head over to: and check out our amazing selection. We have just about everything you need, (except guns and ammo), and at prices that will make you smile.