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Storing Gold and Silver For Survival

Storing Gold and Silver For Survival

When most people think about getting all of their survival gear checked off their list, they think of survival food, survival water, survival go bags or bug out bags, survival lighting, energy, and more. Some people will put some cash and credit cards in their go bags and bug out bags along with some guns and ammo.

Most people never think to put physical gold and silver in their survival bug out bags. Here are some really important reasons why this is a great thing to do.

Do you remember during the 911 attacks time period that all of the banks in the USA were closed for almost ten days? No one could get any money out of their bank accounts. So what if we have another terroir event or national emergency? What will you use to buy and trade for?

Also, what if the US Dollar crashes? Many experts believe that will happen at some time and the US Dollar will either become worthless or will be greatly devalued. If this happens, you will be very glad you bought some physical gold and silver to have on hand. You should also put some of it into your go bags or bug out bags.

I suggest you put some American Silver Eagle coins in your bag. You can also have some silver rounds if you wish. If you like junk silver, then get some of that and put it in your bags. They are great to barter with.

If you want some gold, you can get some Gold CombiBars. These are like big Hershey chocolate bars but they are made of gold. They are divided into 1 gram break-apart sections. So they are very easy to use. Just break off how much you need.

You can also get some tenth ounce or one quarter ounce American Gold Eagle coins. These come in handy being in smaller sizes.

Many people have no idea of what reliable places to buy physical gold and silver from. To be crystal clear, I do own a gold and silver company. If you are going to shop around, I suggest you start there. Our prices are awesome and you will love our concierge service.

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Get you some gold and silver to put in your survival bug out bags today. You’ll be glad you did.