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Manufacturer Description
The LifeStraw Family 1.0 gravity-based water filter
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Safe, Purified Water for Home, Camping, and More

The award-winning, world-renowned LifeStraw Family 1.0 big volume water filter can filter out viruses from an amazing 18,000 liters of water (4,750 gallons) -- enough to supply a family of five with clean drinking water for approximately 3 years.

This gravity filter is simple to use. Just pour water in the top, and clean water comes out the bottom. And it comes in a sealed bag, perfect for saving for emergencies.

Light-weight and extremely portable, LifeStraw Family is perfect for outdoor camping. It makes filtering water a breeze at base camps, while automobile outdoor camping, or when camping with groups. It's likewise great to have at home in the event of boil water advisories. In addition to purifying polluted faucet water, in a worst case situation you can use the Family to eliminate bacteria, protozoa, and viruses from a fresh water source near your home with the LifeStraw Family.

The LifeStraw Family water filter has actually been distributed to nearly every significant global humanitarian catastrophe because 2005 and in broad public health projects in the millions. The same rugged design utilized in locations like Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Pakistan and Bangladesh is now available for customers in North America. gen logo

LifeStraw Family Specifications

  • Filters approximately 18,000 liters of water to 0.02 microns (20 nm)
  • Removes minimum 99.9999 % of bacteria (> LOG 6 decrease)
  • Removes minimum 99.999 % of viruses (> LOG 5 decrease)
  • Removes minimum 99.99 % of protozoan cysts (> LOG 4 decrease)
  • Requires no electrical power, batteries, or replacement parts
  • Requires no running water or piped-in water supply
  • Has an easy-to-clean pre-filter and filtration cartridge
  • All raw products are US FDA compliant or comparable
  • Flow-rate of 9-12 liters/hour of purified water
Pour water in the top, and clean water comes out the bottom (view bigger).

How LifeStraw Family Works

LifeStraw Family utilizes advanced hollow fiber technology. Water is required through narrow fibers under high pressure. Clean water exits through tiny pores in the walls of the hollow fibers, however bacteria, protozoa, and other pollutants are trapped inside the hollow fibers and are flushed out by backwashing -- making this a highly effective technique of filtration.

  • Hang leading reservoir using included string, and let the hose hang down.
  • Fill reservoir (scoop directly from a stream, or pour water into it).
  • Removable pre-filter inside reservoir eliminates coarse particles.
  • Gravity forces water down hose and through hollow fiber membrane cartridge where bacteria, parasites, and viruses are gotten rid of.
  • Turn blue tap to release clean water out small hose on side of cartridge.
  • Backwash filter by squeezing red bulb with both taps closed and then launching filthy water from red tap. Do not drink water from red tap.
Circulation rate of 9 to 12 liters per hour (2.4 to 3.2 gallons; view bigger).

One For One Donation Program

For every single LifeStraw water filter sold, a kid in Africa receives clean drinking water for an entire school year, thanks to the donation efforts of the North American supplier, Eartheasy. Eartheasy utilizes part of the funds to donate LifeStraw Community institutional water cleansers to schools in Africa. Eartheasy's objective is to offer clean water to 500 schools in Kenya this year. Your purchase makes this possible. Thank you!

The LifeStraw Go is made by Switzerland-based Vestergaard. Founded in 1957, Vestergaard is a large public health business focusing on intricate emergency response and disease control products.
Backed by significant research study and substantial screening
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Awards and Accolades

  • Among the "Ten Things That Will Change The Way We Live" Forbes (February 2006)
  • "Invention of the Century" -- Gizmag (December 2005)
  • "Innovation of the Year" -- Esquire (December 2005)
  • "Europe's Best Invention" -- Reader's Digest (July 2006)
  • "Best Invention of 2005" -- Time (November 2005)
  • 2008 Saatchi & Saatchi Award for World Changing Ideas
  • "INDEX: 2005" International Design Award
  • "Well-Tech 2006" Innovation Technology Award
For every single LifeStraw sold, one school child in Kenya receives clean drinking water for an entire school year (view bigger).

Product Features

Award-winning LifeStraw Family is used by over 13,200,000 people worldwide Surpasses EPA standards for water purifiers: removes 99.99% viruses, 99.9999% bacteria and 99.9% protozoan cysts to 0.02 microns Purifies 18,000 liters/4755 gallons WITHOUT iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals; Clean drinking water for a family of four for 3 years Gravity filter - pour water in the top and clean water comes out the bottom; Comes in a sealed bag, perfect for storing for emergencies Flow rate of 9 -12 liters per hour